"...but the Lord will be to you an everlasting light..." Isaiah 60:19










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"...but the Lord will be to you an everlasting light..."

Isaiah 60:19


True Light of God Testimonials

Naomi ------ Healing of mass


I was experiencing stomach pains and I went to see my OBGYN and they ordered a sonogram. The x-ray technician saw a mass and the doctor confirmed it was indeed a mass.  After the results and consultation I had to have surgery, which they scheduled. Once I found out I told our Prophet and he blessed some water for me.  I drank the blessed water up until the surgery date.  When they went in they saw no mass.  I thank for God’s healing.


Chris -------- Healing of large mass in the brain


He was experiencing severe headache and extreme pain and was rushed to the emergency room.  When they did an MRI they found a large mass that was covering the entire back of his brain.   When I found out I prayed that the doctors would be confused because I did not want them to open his head and go into his brain.

The first hospital could not deal with it because they were confused.  He was transferred to Emory hospital the next day.  Emory Hospital wanted to do surgery. I prayed again that they would be confused.  Even though they were confused they were determined to do surgery.  I called my Prophet at True Light of God Ministry earlier in the day to let him know that Emory was going to do surgery the following morning no matter what.  Unbeknownst to us my church prayed that night before the surgery that the mass in his head would be liquefied.   That prayer was sent up around the 10pm hour.  At 11:47pm after the prayer, Chris started feeling a extreme heat to his head as if his head was on fire.  The mass began to liquefied right at that moment.   After that the surgeon said they will not touch his head or do any surgery.  There is a ring of tiny bald spots on his scalp the only indication that extreme heat was applied to his head.  Early the next morning he was discharged and all he was given was strong antibiotics.  The doctors had him come back time after time because they were still confused and they could not find anything.  To this day he still has those marks on his scalp as a testimony of God’s healing in his life.


Schrene ----- Healing of Breast Cancer


After I got diagnosed for a second time with Breast Cancer, I attended a revival service at True Light of God Ministries.  Prophet Anthony called me up to stand on the altar and I placed both my hands on each side of his bible on the altar stand.  Both he and the church family prayed for me.  I was scheduled to do radiation for six weeks and by God’s grace I was able to go through radiation without any setbacks.  A treatment that I thought would be very difficult to handle turned out to be a simple 10 minute procedure 5 days a week.   As of today I am totally cancer free. I am truly grateful to God and my praying family at True Light of God Ministries.


London  (Fulfilled Prophecies)


1 year ago, August 13, 2014, I was invited to True Light of God Ministry for a Wednesday service. Little did I know this night would be the day that God revealed his plan for my life. After the service Prophet Anthony gave a prophecy of my life that changed me forever. The Lord revealed to me that the woman I was dating was my wife, whom the man of God had never met. Although he had never seen her before, he accurately described her. It was this moment that I knew my life would be changed forever. He also spoke that every of my hearts desires, God would grant me before February 2015. Two weeks later I invited my soon to be wife to the ministry and since then there has been miracle upon miracle in our lives. We soon married and joined this powerful ministry and since then every of our prophecies has come to past. We have purchased a home, 2 cars, started a new job, received promotions and salary increases and through faith and obedience I was able to receive my stay in this country within less than 2 months. This ministry has been there through the good and bad in our lives. Prophet Anthony has truly been a role model, a counselor and prayer warrior in our lives. The ministry has taught us how to pray as a family, the value of marriage and prophet has even embraced us as his own.  We are blessed and grateful to have such a man of God who we know has been called by the most high God! We thank God for True Light of God Ministry, our pastor and the members!



Whatever your problem is right now, whatever pain, distress or lack you are going through- there is someone who has your best interest at heart- Almighty God! Hold on!  Believe in him!  You are not forgotten.  By His grace, the Lord has a wonderful plan for your life.  Keep praying!  GOD BLESS YOU!!!




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