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"...but the Lord will be to you an everlasting light..."

Isaiah 60:19


"...but the Lord will be to you an everlasting light..." Isaiah 60:19

Prophet and Prophecies

Prophet and Prophecies

A prophet is someone God chooses to speak through. Sometimes this is foretelling the future, but more commonly God uses the prophets to speak about the present. (Deuteronomy 18:18). I will raise up for them a Prophet like you from among their brethren, and will put My words in His mouth, and He shall speak to them all that I command Him.




The message that the prophet conveys is called prophecy. (II Peter 1:21). For prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.


Here are the prophecies of the month:


July 2015.

August 21, 2015

August 28, 2015

……. So get yourself ready for that. Start bringing your coats. Don’t be too cute for the weather. Yeah, start bringing your coats out. It is going to be a terrible weather. It’s going to flow with a lot of sickness. It is the Lord’s word. So continue praying.


The same wind of water coming that will destroy a place. Because a lot, we have been praying, it has been held, it’s coming. So continue praying. A lot of states will be on red line because of the weather. Yes, a lot of states, close to 12 states were on red line for almost 2 weeks. So be prayerful, that God, let me be in the safest place. This is the word of the Lord, it came to me this morning. It’s going to be terrible, the weather will be very bad and a lot of states will be red. When I say red, not pink, real red, not “re”, not “re”, red. It’s going to be red. It’s going to be a lot but God says, “My umbrella….” He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty God. I will say of the Lord He is my refuge and my fortress. So pray very well on it. There will be a lot of sickness. It will not be our portion. I repeat again, it will not be our portion. I repeat again, it will not be our portion.


Whatever terrorist… it’s two. I saw a male and I saw a female and they are both Americans. Pray. The prophecy has come once, that let their secret be leaked before they execute it. Because if it is executed, it will be in the media for almost a year. Amen. They are not from outside. They are in here. So pray. It is a male and a female. God is good. The male had a bald head. Yes, he has a bald head. He has beards. Amen. The female was very slim and tall. It’s two. If that plan is executed, it’s not going to be a good one. So do your prayer. Let God, a minute before, we don’t need more, just what, a minute before they put it on, let there be capturing. Your prayer will do it. You never know where they are targeting. It might be where you want to catch fun. Let’s pray.

And remember California in prayer against earthquake and a terrible blast also.


The word that says in one of the prophecy that says, of a firing that backfired. Pray. It’s about to take place. They want to launch something and it backfired.


Pray against any big plane that will land on the normal place.  Yes. Just pray against it also. Not runway. It was not an ordinary, it was not a mistake. Something went wrong in the plane that they wanted to what, land it on the ground. Those are the terrible things that is still holding itself on before 2015 is over.


And in the same 2015 there will be lots of eye openers. How people will become very wealthy within a month or two. God said, “I will throw it at folks”. So start praying that, “Father, open my heart” not just what, eye. Eye can see it and heart does not understand what to do. Say “Father open my heart so I be among those that you have picked within the last 5 months before the year is over to be a kingdom builder.” God says He wants to raise kingdom builders. Not just builders for True Light of God Ministries, Kingdom builders to build His name, His ministry. Through His grace, I pray to be one of them. In the Name of Jesus.


Pray against flood. Are you taking note of this? Flood. The flood that the rain that will fall, will look like a shower. Not a heavy rain. It’s like a shower. And it became what, a flood. It swept a lot of houses. I don’t know that state but we can do the prayer. I will see it, as a flesh, like a tsunami. But God knows what it is. The key that holds the sea will not be given to darkness. Because every water you see that is not into the world, there is a key for it. So the key that holds the sea will not be passed wrongly for them to open for a while and before it is taken back. And by the time that little while is open, disasters would have taken place. When they say “tsunami”, it was a key that was taken to the wrong hand and it came or when God is vexed. So pray against any small rain that will take houses.


Pray against any wild animal that will be loosed and will take a couple of, 3 to 5 days before they kill it. But what havoc would that animal have caused? It’s not a snake. It’s in the wild animal section, like in the lion, leopard compound. Pray against it. It is going to be in the media. Pray against it. They will catch it. But within those few days, what it would have done. Let’s pray against it. It is going to be in the media, its coming. It’s just cut loose from somewhere and became wild all of a sudden. Let’s pray against it.


Hold the prayer of young girls seriously. Series of kidnapping, especially the female. This has been coming back to back. Especially the female. And the Lord used the illustration of what took place in what, in Africa. In Nigeria then. That is what is seen in the air here. Females, not to be kidnapped from school. So be very close to your girls. Tell them if they don’t want to go to school, they shouldn’t lie to you and skip school so something else won’t happen. It better they tell you, “I don’t want to go to school, I have a party I’m going to”. Amen. I am begging you. This is not the time you’re going to yell. Just tell them, “where you want to go? Let me know. I will go drop you and let me know that person.” A lot of …. a lot of enticement through the internet will cause a lot of our girls to be missing. Yes. Within now into November. This is what is going to take place. Girls. It’s as young as from 10 upward. So be alert with your girls on the computer, on the iPhones and stuff. This is the word of the Lord. There will be series of kidnapping, especially girls, from 10 upward. This age was changed. Yes, it is now 10 upward. Be very, very careful. All the way to 18. Be very careful. If you need to, just tell your mom. And mom hear them when they say they want to talk to you. This one is not kidnapping that they will see. Not even one will be seen. So let’s pray and put it in their ear, “if you don’t want to be taken somewhere else to be used for prostitution and be married at the age of 11 or 10, then let me know what you are doing.” That is what the Lord showed to me. So our kids should not be grown more than what they are.




The weather of this year is going to be very destructive. I am going to repeat again, the weather of this year is going to be very, very, very destructive. Little rain, big flood. Little rain big flood. There is going to be flood in lots of states. There will be terrible flood, not one not two. Majority of states, more than twenty will be having flood this year. The flood is going to be so disastrous that folks will be afraid. Pray for New York very well. Pray for Connecticut. Pray for Alabama. Pray for Georgia. Pray for Rhode Island. Pray for Philadelphia. Pray for New Orleans. Pray for Chicago, Wisconsin, pray for it. Washington, not Washington, D.C., Washington.


There is going to be lots of recall on food. Recall. Pay attention especially to beef, beef and chicken. That’s the two major food. God have mercy. The one of the chicken will be based on over drug use.  Yes, you will hear it but it’s not going to last. At least it’s going to take you, take us about two months, don’t worry. You will be alright. Then after two months we’ll be back to eating our chicken.

Arizona, pray for. Tennessee, pray for.  The weather is not going to be a very funny one. It’s not going to be a friendly one.  It’s going to be a one that is against, it’s going to be the one that will really take houses down, schools, because of the wind that will be involved.  God is great.

  When is the election coming?  Next year.  You know God really do love Obama.  There are two things that will bring his name back up again that wants to happen in this season even when he is about to give the throne up.  There are two great things that will boost the name of Obama. God’s going to still do two great things with Obama.  And it’s going to be very awesome.  A woman will go very far in this election.  If it’s God’s will that the first female president in America takes place, if it’s God’s will.  But the wind in the air, through His grace says, every male opponent will have one scandal or the other. Go and write it down that some of them will even be afraid later on to want to show up to do election.   The majority of them will have terrible scandal that will be catching them one by one.  God said I’m bringing this nation back up.  The dollar is not even having any power compare to Japanese yen.  But through His grace God said there is something He wants to do that will make America money on top up again.  Yes, and you all are going to benefit from it.


A group will rise wanting to bring about KKK. Wanting to bring about belittling blacks.  Go and write today’s date down.  This one is not in the hidden any more, they want to do it openly.  But God said, “I will shut them down.  That through it lot of important names will be heard.“ And because of that, shame will let some even kill themselves.  Go and write today’s date down.  It’s going to come in the media.  A secret is going to leash out that cannot be hidden.  That the ones who are already up there, already who are against colored.  The secret will be leashed out and everything they do will be leashed out.  That because of that, it will backfire.

I don’t know what that thing is but it is something that people have paid money on, it’s not finance and it’s not the insurance one that I told you.  It’s something that government wants to pay people back.  Yes, it’s clear. I don’t know what it is.  But it’s a check.  You all go write today’s date down.  I pray to be among those that they will cut that check.  It’s a check that government is going to cut citizens back that was taken from them. I don’t know what it is.  It’s a good check.  Yes, it’s going to come in when you least expect it.


Look at how people will be rising and will be so content.  There will be nothing like “borrow me”.  A lot of those who trust God will now start to be the one borrowing the one that don’t trust God. I heard it clearly. God said, “I’m going into downtowns that has been stolen from the righteous. I’m giving it back.”  There is going to be a chaos. There is a chaos coming. He said don’t be afraid.  One of the biggest chaos that will first spring forth will be the one based on colored.  It’s going to cause a big riot. Go and write it down church.  It will not get to us.  They will fight themselves.  It’s going to cause riot from the top to the street.  And the outcome of that, then I saw God said that He is going into downtown retrieve.  Because He said, “They are sending My folks out that the sinful one is taking hold.” He said now He wants to what, take it back.  Yes.


Look at how people will be rising and will be so content.  There will be nothing like “borrow me”.  A lot of those who trust God will now start to be the one borrowing the one that don’t trust God. I heard it clearly. God said, “I’m going into downtowns that has been stolen from the righteous. I’m giving it back.”  There is going to be a chaos. There is a chaos coming. He said don’t be afraid.  One of the biggest chaos that will first spring forth will be the one based on colored.  It’s going to cause a big riot. Go and write it down church.  It will not get to us.  They will fight themselves.  It’s going to cause riot from the top to the street.  And the outcome of that, then I saw God said that He is going into downtown retrieve.  Because He said, “They are sending My folks out that the sinful one is taking hold.” He said now He wants to what, take it back.  Yes.


Before the ending of this year, one big sickness remedy will be found.  So this will not be a hidden one.  It will be a pronounced one to the world.  A very terrible sickness, the cure will come before the ending of this year.  Go and write today’s date down.  Before 2015 is over that is one miracle God wants to throw to the world.  He said you all have done wrong for a while, I’m going to change it to another kind of sickness from next year.  But this one I will give you the healing and a cure for this one.  But another sickness will come.  This one will not take three days. And this is the second time this prophecy is coming.  He said, it’s not going to take three days, it will just take people.  That’s what God said.   The biggest one He said I’m giving the cure, this year.  He said the one that will stroll in from next year, it’s going to be based on our heart and how we trust Him more.

Look at doors open. Look at people being alright.  Look at finances. People are getting alright opening their own company.  Restoration of glory, the Lord said, “I’m giving.”

There will be more of earthquake.  There will be tornadoes, but there will be more of earthquakes.  Ground opening up and swallowing stuff.  It’s going to be more, even before this year is over.  Pray against it that “Lord because of my footprint…” Hear the prayer again, “Lord because of my footprint, anywhere I step on, solidify it.  Don’t let the ground open up and swallow me up in that time.”  There will be lots of earthquakes.  The wind is going to be heavy but there will be more of earthquake.

Yes, the Lord is still saying it, that He is not knocking it, there will be series of kidnapping of females.  It’s still in the air. He still brought it back again, series of kidnapping on the young girls from 10 years old upward.  Everyday pull your girls’ ear, “If you need to be anywhere tell me.  You might think you want to sneak out and sneak in. But the outcome might be that you sneak out and never sneak in again.” It’s still in the air, girls.  Parents if it’s possible drop your kids in school.  Yes, if it’s possible for now.  Another effect from this starts from Monday, that’s what the Spirit, but if it’s not possible take your time to be on that bus to actually let your daughter get on that bus.  Tell your girls how you love them.  How you are ready to listen to them so they don’t think somebody else can love them more than you.  It’s in the air.  What the Lord showed me before the young boys today, was too much of young boys being initiated into smoking and selling of drugs.  Don’t get carried away because of what your friend is wearing, shoes.  The young boys. Don’t get carried away because of what your young boy friends are wearing.  Shoes, “Oh another shoe is going to come out this month end”, “oh another one is going to come out”. They are making their money.  You might get drawn and never be a normal child again.  And the outcome of it, why the Spirit of God showed me this was because I saw cops shooting the young boys.  They call it “mistakes” but it… Pay attention to the media, will effect from September the second week.


A lot of young teenager boys will be shot because some of them will even have guns.  Pay attention from September the second week, 2015, that’s what the Lord said.  If you love life enough, don’t get caught up to be killed.  “Oh I want to help my mother out”, don’t try it.  Majority of young boys that’s what they will say, “I want to help my mom out.  She’s doing it alone. So that’s why I’m doing to help her.”  Mothers, start telling your sons, “I don’t need your help. Be alright with what I will give to you”.  Because young kids from 13 all the way to 19 will be mistakenly killed.  Tell your son you don’t need their help. That if they need anything, they should what, ask you. And if you can’t give it to them then, tell them when you will try and give it to them.  Unknowing to your children, start searching them out.  You pay the bill.  Whether you’re my member or not, search your children out.  Most of what your children are bringing home they are keeping it in your own room. Not even in their own room.  In your own room.   I know what the Lord is telling me and I know what I’m saying to you.

The Lord said… how great is His name.  How marvelous is His glory.  If you believe in Him you will see his glory, if you don’t believe you will not see His glory.  I saw the word “repossession” but not the repossession of picking things.


It’s God giving you back stuff.  There is word now God wants to repossess back.  A lot of lost glory wants to return and get restored.  Now this is where it’s going to start from, old boyfriend will start begging you. Go and write today’s date down.  Old boyfriend will start emailing or texting or calling.  Be very careful, such repossession is very delicate.  Amen. Old family friends who have walked away from your life, left you alone will start calling to check on you. Go and write today’s date down because the glory God said is back on.  So be careful of what you allow back. It’s not every repossession that comes that you will take.  A lot of old stuff will start coming.  Think of where you have been, what you’ve gone through and where you are.  Guide yourself like the way a chicken, not the grown one, the real hen chicken guide their children, guide your glory.

The month of November they are looking for a lot of people to put in the jail.  It will not be we.  I’m going to repeat again, the month of November a lot of young men, some 26 years old all the way to 40 are being looked for.  Anything you do, do it right because the consequences I see were 8 to 15 years.  It will not be our portion.  The one you just ate with at the restaurant today, in three days you will hear, he has been picked up.  Watch your path so you don’t be a part to what will spend the next 8 years to 12 years in jail.  Young men do right, act right, use your hand to work, don’t steal, don’t rob because the outcome of this, there is no man of God that will pray you…..  even if you bring it before me, I will tell them to give you extra two more years, so don’t even try it around me in this ministry.

Look at jobs.  All you need to do is tell God the figure of salary you want.  Even if you are working as I speak, by the last three day of this August, tell God the new salary you want.  I saw clearly that heaven gave it.  If it’s the place you are working that refuse to give it, another company will be interested in you.  By the last three days of August open your mouth and say, “Father this is the new salary I want so my tithe can increase”, and watch what God will do.

This is a warning, a general warning.  Be very careful who you fight, who is ready to die, so you don’t be the one that they say killed.  Beg your children, beg yourself.  A lot of blessing is in the air but the only thing the devil can do now is to create lock down.  He knows he cannot hinder the blessing.  He knows he cannot stop the blessing.  Watch how you get mad.  Don’t push, don’t punch.  A lot of soul, the devil will hide under that fighting, then a soul will go.  Pray on your anger that “Father give me a heart that will melt like an ice when the sun shines on it.


Don’t make my heart so hard at the point where it will not melt.  Give me the heart that the minute fight is in front of me, create a sun to melt that heart”, so you can walk away.  If somebody call you stupid, you can say, “thank you”.  If somebody calls you foolish, you can say, “God bless you”.  If somebody tells you, “you are crazy”, you can say “glory be to God”.  It’s not going to grow on your body if you walk away.  The outcome of walking away instantly there will be judgment and there will be results.

He said, “I have decreed back for people to see peace.  I’ve decree back for people to see glory.  I’ve decreed back for wealth to come into people’s lives.  I’ve decree back for every door to remain open. But do Me the Most High God a favor”, says the Lord.  He said. “Every month decree that the greatest plane crash that will kill everybody and kill the place it’s landing on…. “I saw a plane trying to land in a field when a game was going on.  It is not that something happen in that plane, it is because somebody high-jacked the plane. So pray.  I don’t know the country.  I was not given the grace of the land but I was given the grace to see the chaos if that should take place. And the Lord said, “The prayers of the elect availeth much.”  Prayer can change stuff.  It has changed a lot of stuff in this church we’ve heard.  That is the, it’s going to be the greatest massacre of blood.  So let’s start praying.  I’m not the only one that God has given this eyes to see this particular word.  So let’s start praying.  It’s going to be one of the most disastrous event of all time if this should take place. It will be even worst than 911.  So let’s do our prayer together always.  Every time you pray, pray on this that wherever and whoever that will become the devil.  It’s so funny, I’m seeing the person dressed like a woman.  Whoever that will be the devil that wants to be used to highjack a plane to land in a very big field when the show is going on. You can imagine what that is.  Through His grace, by His grace, in His grace and through the authority of the Most High God, the same eyes that the Lord has shown this we ask, let the Lord erase it.  All you can pray for is for the plan to be out before the executing takes place.  They are planning it and they want it done before first of December.  So let’s put this in prayer, that. “Lord reveal the secret before even that person board the plane”.  I’m not even going to ask for that person to board the plane at all.  Before that person board the plane.


Another big secret of the plane that was missing is about to come out.  The Lord told you all in this church that the secret will come out.  They started seeing stuff.  Another big one so you know it was not wind.  The plane was taken.  Another big secret regarding the plane is about to show forth.  It’s not going to be so long, you all will hear it in the media.  And in the secret coming out it will lead to a lot of question mark that will create a very big controversy.  If you all remember the prophecy that it was one nation that did what took place. So the secret…. the prophecy came out in this church.  Now another secret that is going to be heavy that will bring a terrible controversy that will shake the world regarding that plane is about to be unleashed.  The eyes of the Lord seeth it all.  Let the peace that says I’m ready to restore miracle be our portion.  And the one that says I will guide those that are mine.  May the Lord guide our footstep.  Every wind of destruction that will take place before the ending of this year that will make the weathers coming to be chaotic, terrible, worst, it’s weather that they have never seen before.  That’s what the new weather is going toward this era is going to be.  It’s going to be a weather that they don’t even understand why, let there be peace, let there be glory, in Jesus name.


………The Lord said stock lots of food and drink in the house.  A food that you know at least can be in the house like two weeks.  Stock it up.  That’s what the Lord ask of you.


Pray for any chaotic wind coming.  It’s a female name. It’s coming again.  The Lord already told us in the prophecy that there’s going to be what, a female name.  Pray that God control it.  Don’t let it storm Georgia.  It has just three states it wants to storm.  We ask for the peace.  It’s going to come in, but ask for peace.  It has been almost a month or two now the Lord has been telling us about the name of this female storm coming.  The Lord said it’s here.  Now the Lord is saying start praying for Georgia.  Let it be shut down.  Instead of storming house, let it storm the woods where nobody is in because if it should storm houses, there will be a chaos and there will be a state of emergency.


But the bible makes me to really understand that the prayer of the elect availeth much, so why can’t you pray.  Even though we are not known, we are the one thinking that, but very soon we will be known.  So why can’t we pray and say Father send it to the woods where souls will not be because the purpose of it is for destruction so it’s going to clear a lot of place, make it level.  Our prayer can do a lot.   It’s only if we agree together, believe together.  Look at her, winding and smiling because of the havoc she wants to do.  Your prayer could change it.  Because when your prayer reach where it’s supposed to reach, evils get shut down.  Let the evil rage in, but when prayer gets to it, the evil what…… Let’s shut it down because the destruction ahead of it is too much.  Within now to November we need to pray a lot because there’s going to be a rushing wind of lots of, things you’re going to hear, before you know, it’s already cleared a lot of places.


The flood that was seen is about to take place.  There’s going to be a very small rain but the flood behind it was so much.  It was as if something else was bringing out water from the ground.  It could be ceased.  So try, just stock up the house with food and I ask, the Lord gives grace of this revelation is the Lord who is showing this revelations, let there be finance to be able to stock up.  Even when you don’t have it, God frustrate the one that will give it to you in less that four days who will now say to you take $500 so you can stock up.


Can I ask an honest question, as the Spirit directs. Do you want to have a house before this year is over?  If you’re in agreement with the word of God that you want to have a house before 2015 moves out, let me see your both hands.  If you want to have a house it’s a belief system.   You might have before you want one that you can rent out, you’re not too greedy, it’s alright.  Now you all are standing up.  Do you believe in, that you don’t want mortgage.  Hands up.  In one hour, God can make somebody whose last money in the bank is just $30 to become 30 million.  If what we read just told us clearly, it’s a decree since I don’t put no oil on you today, I’m going to use that decree as He’s shown to me.  If the Lord can use the mouth of an angel to say for with God nothing will be, he used the word, will be impossible.  He said for with God nothing will be impossible.  So means nothing can stand against that name of God when He has spoken.  It is so be it



DECREE --- Heavens your children raised up their hands.  By the authority invested in me Oluwaseun Adaramola, I stand as a living oracle of the Most High God, seconding to what Gabriel said, in the book of Luke 1:37 when he said for with God nothing will be impossible.  As of this day every soul that believeth that God can give them a house without a mortgage, so it shall be in the name of Jesus.  If a barren can carry baby, if a man born blind can see, if a man possess with demon can become normal, if the woman with the issue of blood can become cleanse, if even the leprous men who were rejected can become millionaire, I stand in that same authority and I speak that you whose hands are up will give a testimony before this year is over in the name of Jesus.  So shall it be in Jesus name.


The Lord said to me there will be a lot of folks who will become owners of great business.  I saw a lot of great business.  I saw it happen that folks will be doing testimony of great business.  Even before this year is over, I saw two marriages.  Two can be five. Before this time next year, I’m naming another 3, close to 3 children in this church.  Three babies I will be naming.  Don’t do what you don’t want to do because this one cannot be pushed out.  This one you cannot push out.  It’s going to get there, stay there until you give birth.  Try it, you will be the one going.  That’s what the Lord told me.  I will be naming.  Look at jobs that you will do less and you get paid more.  I saw 4 people in here who already have a house and the house was paid off.  Yes I saw 4.  Four can be 14 with your faith. I saw 4 who already had houses.


Anybody whose mortgage is running, anybody whose mortgage is on $1000 to $1400, I saw that their house was paid off.  If your house as I speak is between $1400.  If your house as I speak is from $1400 to $1800.  If your house as I speak is between $800 to $1001, that’s three.  If your house is also in between from $1800 to $2000, I saw paid off.  I don’t know how it’s going to be but I know it will be.  Before the 18th of December 2015 my God said to me more than 18 people will buy houses.  Don’t be too choosy. He said I’m working on folks and some folks are being choosy, He has abandoned them.  I heard it.  He said I’m working on folks, yeah I don’t like, being choosy.  When I give you something you move.  He said go. From now to December 18, 2015 except oil of gladness was not poured on me and I know it was poured on me.  The day He call me.


He said I called you before you were born. I share in that grace.  He said from now to December 18, 2015 I am releasing houses and I saw folks giving testimony.  Do not hide it.  He said if you hide it, I will not pay it off.  He said I will surprise you. Immediately you get it and you and proclaim that yes I got it, then I will move on your behalf in less than a year to do a miracle that you are not seconding for.  Some of you have, I saw you buying houses to rent.  Look at this person telling me, God has so blessed me right now I want to buy this whole compound.  That compound and I saw this person buying it, is somebody nobody thought could ever have it.  Three folks in True Light of God Ministries. Let witch hear it, they can’t do nothing because the fire here can destroy anybody. Any.  Tell somebody, do you know any witch, tell them to try it cause they are ready to die.  God said He is in the house to do great things.  That He is tired of His name being called.  I saw three folks about to be one of the richest folks in Georgia.  In the church.


I give my word to my people that there shall be no deadly sickness. On Sunday, bring what you know you love to drink.  Bring what you love to drink, but don’t bring alcohol. Don’t get it twisted, we’re still in the Spirit.  What you know you can finish in a day.  If it is oil you know you can drink bring it.  Anything you know you can drink and the reason being is the fluid that will go into you, will cast out any spirit that has been holding you from being who God say you should be.  Or whatever seed of evil that is in you, will be flushed out.  So the Lord didn’t limit it to water, but


He said no alcohol, no alcohol, no red bull, bring what you know you can drink.  If it’s water, if it’s orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice, but the one you know you can finish that Sunday.  If it’s left over, you will be in the hospital.  It’s just for that Sunday.  There is no grace for it for a second day and there is no grace to throw it away.  He said to them gather the one that you and your household can feed on, there will be no left over.  Those who left over what came out of it, worms.  There is an anointing that the Lord is packaging into the house on Sunday.


It cannot be left over and it cannot be thrown away.  Then it become wasteful to the Spirit.  So bring, you can’t split it… oh let me bring half a bottle, buy the size you know you can finish.  Don’t come to church and ask for church can soda.  You hear it clearly, when she tells you don’t come to my kitchen, it’s been spoken on Friday. Bring, even though there is going to be church drink. Because whatever you’re bringing, you’re going to drink it immediately after the decree.  You’re not going to step it out and add something else to it.  Cause some of you ….. some witches are still around.  And I know you by your face, so ask yourself that question.  The day my God is ready for you, you will be shocked.  So I’m just saying to you, what I bless with you that Sunday, you will drink.  Nobody will step out that door and go add their own power. So if you are a witch come to church and come to drink what I bless, then we’ll hear you are confessing in your house, I’ll come see you in the hospital.  So it’s better you don’t even show up with what you can drink, than showing up to try out what I’m about to decree.














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Whatever your problem is right now, whatever pain, distress or lack you are going through- there is someone who has your best interest at heart- Almighty God! Hold on!  Believe in him!  You are not forgotten.  By His grace, the Lord has a wonderful plan for your life.  Keep praying!  GOD BLESS YOU!!!


-Pastor Prophet Anthony O. ​ Adaramola


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